Dr Lucy Facial Aesthetics

Dr Lucy Middlefell offers a range of high quality, non surgical, anti-ageing and aesthetic treatments at Cherish Salon. 

She is a practicing dentist, giving her intimate knowledge of the anatomy of the head and neck, not to mention skill in fine detailed work, such as using needles so the two professions compliment each other perfectly.  

Her training has all been completed at the Dr. Bob Khanna Training Institute. Dr. Khanna is world renowned in the field of Facial Aesthetics, only training Doctors and Dentists.  She is also a member of the International Academy of Advanced Facial Aesthetics, where I she continues to develop her skills by tapping into the knowledge of this network of professionals, and in turn, she offers her clients the best possible treatments and care.

Price List 


  • £205 One Area
  • £289 Two Areas
  • £347 Three Areas
  • £289 Eyebrow Lift
  • £310 Neck Lift
  • £205 Gummy Smile Reduction
  • £445 Underarm Sweating (Hyperhydrosis) Both underarms
  • £310 Facial Slimming/Jaw Treatment
  • £75Additional Areas


  • £500 Two treatments


  • £336 Lip Filler (1 ml)
  • £473 Heart Lips
  • £263 Marionette Lines
  • £415 Tear Trough Filler
  • £415 Cheek Filler
  • From £263 Chin Filler
  • £415 Jawline Filler (2 ml)
  • From £205 Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Anti-Wrinkle injections – stop wrinkles in their tracks or smooth wrinkles that have already developed! Giving you a fresher and rejuvenated look.

Dermal Fillers – Enhance natural features or hold back the ageing process.

Profhilo – a skin remodelling treatment. Rebuilds collagen and reduces fine lines, wrinkles and pores. Ideal for ‘crepey’ skin on face, neck, décolletage and hands.

Dr Lucy holds a weekly clinic at Cherish every Thursday 2.30pm -8pm.

To make an appointment or book a free consultation please contact Lucy directly on:

Dr. Lucy Middlefell  |   Tel: 07887 514154