Treatment Review – Crystal Clear Deluxe Facial Treatment

Posted on June 10, 2015 Categories: News Tags: , ,

Client: Stacey

I booked in for a facial at Cherish Salon, Tetbury. I was looking forward to some pamper time as to be honest I am one of those busy working mums who always think of booking in for some “R&R” but it always gets put back behind school runs, working, out of school activities, food shopping….

I went up to Cherish Salon on my lunch break for a Crystal Clear Facial and was booked in with Kayleigh. Set in beautiful surroundings, Cherish is just out side from the town so even driving up the long drive felt relaxing. Not having to try and find a parking space up town, instead you can park in the courtyard right outside the salon.

I was greeted by a lovely warm smile by reception and only had to wait a couple of minutes whilst Kayleigh got the room ready. I sat in the Cherish reception admiring the colour matching baubles hanging from the ceiling and looking at the many different products on display. Whilst waiting it was lovely to hear the warm atmosphere from the hair salon just round the corner.

Kayleigh came to greet me and showed me to one of the treatment rooms. I was asked what type of skin I have and if I had sensitive skin to ensure the correct products to be used. Kayleigh then told me about the facial, how it would leave my skin soft and will brighten my complexion from the deep exfoliation from the crystals. I was then left alone to change and get on the bed ready for my facial.

I was feeling a bit apprehensive as I have never had anything like this before done and I find it hard to unwind and relax, but as soon as Kayleigh started applying the cleanser lotion and applying it soothingly over my skin, this soon went and I was whisked away to relaxation. The light natural sounds playing in the background and soft lighting from the lamps helped create a beautiful relaxing ambiance. I then had a toner applied, which again was lovely and gentle.

Then Kayleigh warned me the machine from the Crystal Microdermabrasion might be noisy, but I did not at all notice this. I was explained too thoroughly about this part and how the crystals will exfoliate my skin, and the soft suction will remove any dead skin cells in the process. The only way I can explain the feeling is like a little soft hoover going over your skin, it wasn’t uncomfortable at all and as much as a new experience, still I was very relaxed. This process was done over my skin quite a few times to ensure a full coverage and exfoliation. I asked a few questions about the treatment to which Kayleigh was friendly and gave me very informative answers, such as the treatment is ideal for people with sensitive skin, but either way the treatment is amended to the clients skin type.

I then felt cooling eye pads on my eyes as Kayleigh applied a soothing facial mask. This was left on whilst I received the most amazing shoulder massage. This was the most relaxed I have felt for weeks at this point with the lead up to Christmas and totally forgot anything I had on my mind. The massage in itself was just perfect, not too soft and not too firm.

I then had my face mask removed gently with warm water, and then received a beautiful face massage with moisturiser which smelt lovely and fresh. Sadly my treatment was over but the excellent Customer Service continued, I was asked it I would like refreshment and then was left to change in my own time. I looked in the mirror and was amazed how different my complexion had looked already. Normally my skin lacks colour and without make up people often think I look unwell but my cheeks were lovely and rosy, my skin looked and felt so soft and nourished.

I was so impressed with Kayleigh and the treatment and the effects on my skin that I booked straight away for another one in 4 weeks, which from now on I will be making more time myself. Even days after my skin was lovely and soft to touch and I received comments on how well I was looking. I have since recommended the treatment to work colleagues and friends. I even found myself trawling through Cherish’s website reading up on more treatments to try. I thoroughly recommend this treatment.