Treatment Review – Cherish Me

Posted on June 18, 2015 Categories: News Tags: , ,

Client: Verity

As i turn into off the main road into the drive to cherish, a sense of calm always comes over me, no matter what I am visiting for. As a busy beauty therapist & hairdresser, finding a salon that you feel you can truly relax in is essential – your own little hideaway where you can let your stresses melt away is so important!

Once i step inside the door i am immediately greeted by happy smiling faces – no stuffiness – just a lovely warm feeling that the next hour or so is all about me – nobody else just me.  Whether I am going for a wax treatment, tan, nails or, like today, a massage it is all about making me feel relaxed which I definitely need (after a late concert in London the previous night!)

My treat today is a Cherish Me Full body massage, Steph (my wonderful therapist) chats away as we walk upstairs and we both walk into the therapy room giggling. Her therapy room is tranquil, bright and airy, and always just the right temperature – she knows I get cold really easily so I am grateful I don’t feel the need to ask for extra covers – they are there waiting, and then she explains the treatment (I have various allergies and care is always taken to ensure that the oils won’t cause me any problems and the room is spotlessly clean so I know there will be no issues from previous treatments) and I am left to get onto the bed and settle in for a good hour off pampering.

I always feel a bit like goldilocks when I have a massage – one person is too rough, another is too gentle, but Steph is always just right – she knows my problem areas – knotty shoulders, tension in my hands and feet and she will always pay extra attention ensuring that these are worked in thoroughly.

The oils used are always lovely and warm, the restorative aromas fill the treatment room, relaxing me even further, and I always have to apologise after a massage in case I might have been snoring, I just hope like me that she takes it as a compliment if I snore!!

When the massage is over, Steph wakes me up and leaves me to get dressed before giving me a much needed glass of water and the treatment is sadly over.

Back into the reception, and I am greeted once again with happy smiley faces, interest in how I am feeling following my massage, and thankfully no comments about my sleepy face!

I love this massage more than most as it includes a head and face massage – it really is top to toe – and I always ensure I am able to go straight home after a treatment  as I get the best sleep in the world post treatment ( and an extra hour or too without contact with the outside world!)

Vee x