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Skin Focus

Rosacea is characterised by persistent redness and sometimes unsightly tiny white papules and pustules, especially around the cheeks, nose and chin area. It is a disturbing, chronic skin condition that is linked to the menopause, and is affected by climate, hormones or genetics. The RS2 Rosacea line helps combat this serious concern by ... More

How to prep for the perfect tan

How to prep for the perfect tan Spray tans are popular all year round at Cherish! Beauty therapist Eiren has put together her top tanning tips! To achieve a perfect tan, preparation is the key. Time should be taken to exfoliate and moisturise the skin before your tan. By following these simple tips you can help to avoid a patchy, ... More


NEW TO CHERISH!!! Beauty therapists Hayley and Eiren have been very busy lately learning lots of new and exciting treatments, including cryotherapy. Cryotherpay has been used by doctors for the last 15 years in the successful treatment of skin complaints such as warts, skin tags, verrucas, sun spots/pigmentation and cherry anginomas. This ... More

Product focus summer 2015

Product focus summer 2015 I don’t know about you but summer is just my favourite time of year, each year I look forward to long lazy Sundays in the warm sunshine, weddings, barbecues and those who know me well know I am partial to a good party! So for these reasons I need my skin to look to fabulous at all times. I’ve always been very ... More

Skin care for beginners

Both Eiren and Hayley are experienced, qualified reflexologists and it has proved to be a very popular treatment at Cherish. We often get asked ‘Is it just a foot massage?’ It is a very enjoyable treatment and some of the movements feel amazing, but there is a very beneficial side to this treatment. Read on to find out more… ... More

Skin care for beginners

You are standing in your local Boots store staring blankly at the rows and rows of skincare products,what do you buy? Something for dry skin? Combination skin? Anti-wrinkle cream? How old should you be to use anti-wrinkle cream? Cream cleanser or face wash? And what on earth is a serum and what do you do with it? Sound familiar? These are ... More

Treatment Review – Cherish Me

Client: Verity As i turn into off the main road into the drive to cherish, a sense of calm always comes over me, no matter what I am visiting for. As a busy beauty therapist & hairdresser, finding a salon that you feel you can truly relax in is essential - your own little hideaway where you can let your stresses melt away is so ... More

Treatment Review – Crystal Clear Deluxe Facial Treatment

Client: Rosa I recently went to Cherish for a Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion Facial. It was lovely to be greeted by Kayleigh who was waiting for me in reception, and then I was taken upstairs to the treatment room which was totally relaxing with soft music, candles, subdued lighting and a wonderful perfume. Kayleigh explained exactly what ... More

Treatment Review – Crystal Clear Deluxe Facial Treatment

Client: Stacey I booked in for a facial at Cherish Salon, Tetbury. I was looking forward to some pamper time as to be honest I am one of those busy working mums who always think of booking in for some “R&R” but it always gets put back behind school runs, working, out of school activities, food shopping…. I went up to Cherish ... More

Focus on… Lash lift

A lot of ladies find that even when wearing mascara, their lashes aren't always very visible when looking face to face at someone, as often they can naturally sit quite straight from the eyelid. The idea of the lash lift is to bend the lashes up at the base so that your lashes stand up higher - similar to the effect that a eyelash curling ... More