If it’s good enough for the Queen then it’s good enough for us!

Posted on April 3, 2015 Categories: News Tags: ,

Our nail enamel of choice is the beautiful Essie collection of long lasting, stunning colours. There are so many to choose from and each with a fabulous name – some funny and indeed, even risque!

Essie Weingarten began her company in the USA with 12 nail colours in 1981 and the brand is now popular with nail professionals all the over the globe for it’s high quality enamels in a huge range of colours and finishes – there really is something for everyone!

One of the best selling colours for Essie is Ballet Slippers, an award winning, classic pale pink with a sheer finish. This iconic colour is perfect for all seasons.

In fact in 1989 Queen Elizabeth’s hairdresser sent Essie a letter requesting Ballet Slippers as this is reportedly the only colour Her Majesty will wear. So if it is good enough for the Queen then it is good enough for us! So for that royal touch on your fingertips or toes select Ballet Slippers when you next pop in for a manicure, or it is available to purchase at Cherish along with Essie’s range of top coats, base coats and nail treatments for a complete nail makeover.