Focus on… Lash lift

Posted on April 18, 2015 Categories: News Tags: , ,

One of our favourite treatments, and one of our most popular treatments is the lash lift. We often get asked what exactly the treatment involves so read on for everything you need to know about this clever eye enhancing treatment.

A lot of ladies find that even when wearing mascara, their lashes aren’t always very visible when looking face to face at someone, as often they can naturally sit quite straight from the eyelid. The idea of the lash lift is to bend the lashes up at the base so that your lashes stand up higher – similar to the effect that a eyelash curling clamp would do – but without the risk of pinching your eyelid whilst clamping (ouch!). This makes them far more visible and opens up the eye. This is particularly very flattering for ladies with droopy eye lids, but looks pretty on ladies of all ages and eye shapes.

The only time when this treatment is relatively ineffective is when the client has very short eyelashes, as there isn’t enough lash to bend up. In these instances eyelash extensions is usually the solution.

Years ago we had the eyelash perm. This was a very fiddly procedure and curled the eyelash around a tiny perming rod. This was a good treatment, but the only issue was that although it produced curl, a lot of the length would be curving around, thus the lashes wouldn’t look much longer than they did prior to the treatment.

Recently the lash lift was born – a similar concept to the perm but this time using silicone shields to create a sharper curve at the base of the lash only, which creates a lift rather than a curl.

The treatment take 45 minutes to complete and is very relaxing – many clients fall asleep during the process whilst tucked under a blanket on our heated treatment beds. We begin by assessing the length of the natural lash and the client’s wishes for the extremity of lift, before choosing the correct thickness of shield to get the look we want to create.

The shield is placed onto the eyelid, and then we use a lifting tool to bend the lashes back over the shield which is tacky to hold the lashes in place.