Eyebrow bling – trend alert?!

Posted on April 18, 2015 Categories: News Tags: , ,

Yes you heard it here first! The importance of sporting a fashionable brow is old news but the new twist on this ongoing hot beauty topic is the revelation that the new trend that is on it’s way are Bling Brows!

Benefit are rumoured to be launching Bling brow bars and home styling kits where you can unleash your diamante craving by applying sparkly crystals to your eye furniture. Not convinced? No neither ae we, but Beauty Manager Hayley always likes to keep up with the very latest in fashion so we were delighted to see she was on top of her game when she emerged from the stock room one lunch time modelling these impressive gems on her perfectly groomed HD brows.

If it does become the next big thing then we will be pleased to embellish the brows of the Tetbury community, but until then the brow bling box will remain safely hidden away in our stock room.