Cryopen treatment

Posted on August 24, 2015 Categories: Feature News, News Tags: ,

One of the latest treatments to be introduced to our treatment menu at Cherish is the Cryopen. We are the first and currently the ONLY salon in Gloucestershire to offer this!
The CryoPen uses liquefied N2O to deliver quick, effective Cryotherapy treatment to all benign skin imperfections including (but not limited to) skin tags, warts, freckles, age spots, milia, fibroma, seborrheic keratosis, solar lentigo, cherry angiomas and verrucas![/lead]

The Nitrous oxide (N2O) destroys tissue by freezing the inter-cellular fluid and forming ice shards and crystals that rupture the cell membrane, destroying the cell without harming any of the surrounding healthy tissue.

The CryoPen accurately delivers an ultra cold, high-pressure N2O jet directly to skin lesions, making treatment very fast and effective.
It has a penetration rate of 1mm per 5 seconds, meaning that it can treat a 2mm lesion in just 10 seconds. It is able to quickly penetrate to a full 5mm deep.
This has been immensely popular and we have seen some superb results. Pigmentation age spots is a bug bear for many of our clients and when a treatment arrived that promised to banish these, the word spread fast!

This lady has had just one treatment and the pigmentation on her face has nearly gone. Due to the fact it was a large area she will need just one more treatment and it will have completely disappeared.

To find out more please contact us to book in a free consultation with one of our expert therapists. Treatment prices from just £50.