Cherish Ladies Strip Lashes review!

Posted on May 27, 2015 Categories: News Tags: ,

[lead]3 of our lovely ladies were set the task of wearing the latest celebrity endorsed strip lashes at the Cherish Christmas party and then writing a review! Thank you Steph, Hollie and Hayley x[/lead]

Lauren’s Way Eyelashes (Essex Glamour style) :

My first thought on the lashes is that the packaging was very eye-catching. Once opened they came in a small box which is ideal as I always find keeping used lashes difficult to store, so this box is a added bonus. The next thing I noticed was the glue size – it is bigger than the usual sized eyelash glues, so another bonus – this means more I can get more applications from the lashes.

The product came with easy, simple instructions. These lashes give a very glamourous look so very thick and long. For me they are really good for a night out, but not for daytime use. I used tweezers to remove from the packaging and found they were stuck very well so had to give them a good wiggle before applying them. I had to trim them down to fit my eye shape, which is good because they would fit lots of eye sizes. I used a fair amount of glue, and found them straight forward to apply. They lasted all night with no sneaky touch ups. However when removing i needed to get them wet as they really were on for the long haul. Once wet, they came off with a little persuasion. That was the only negative thing about them. Everything else I found really good and I would defiantly buy these lashes in the future. They are reusable and easy to store. Thumbs up from me šŸ™‚ 


Millie Mackintosh for Nouveau Lashes (Shoreditch style) :

I was a strip lash virgin so was very interested to see how I got on with applying these myself. When I opened the packaging I could see the lashes were slightly too long for me so I just had to a nip a bit off of the ends with some scissors. You get a little pair of tweezers in the box which was really useful to help apply them. I found I had to use quite a fair amount of glue to get them to stick though. Once they were on, the first thing I noticed was how much volume they gave my lashes and still looked fairy natural. However, I found that the length of the lashes were just a tiny bit too long for me and I could feel them touching the top of my eye! Because I am not used to wearing the lashes I found them just a bit too uncomfortable so had to take them off before the end of the night.


Cheryl lashes by Eyelure (Girls Night style) :

I regularly wear strip lashes on nights out with my friends and Iā€™m a big fan of Eyelure lashes so was very keen to see how these Cheryl ones stacked up. I instantly loved the look of these lashes, the outer corners were more full then inner corners so its gave a gorgeous flick effect on the outer corner of the eyes. I did have to trim them to size with scissors before I applied them and the adhesive was included. I found them super easy to apply, sometimes I have to remove and reapply the lashes a couple of times before I get them in the right position but these went in to place almost straight away. They lasted the whole night, even after hours of dancing! When I got home, they peeled off quite easily and kept their shape well so they are ready to use again. Very impressed!