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Cherish Ladies Strip Lashes review!

Lauren's Way Eyelashes (Essex Glamour style) : My first thought on the lashes is that the packaging was very eye-catching. Once opened they came in a small box which is ideal as I always find keeping used lashes difficult to store, so this box is a added bonus. The next thing I noticed was the glue size - it is bigger than the usual ... More

Little Princess Trust hair donation

Stacey was moved and inspired by the work done by charity 'Little Princess Trust' who provide real-hair wigs, free of charge, to boys and girls across the UK and Ireland that have lost their own hair through cancer treatment. Senior stylist Lisa Say cut off Stacey's lovely long locks and restyled it into a chic short bob which she ... More

Nail reconstruction – the Cherish nail fairies are at work…

The majority of the nail work we do here is cosmetic and pretty, involving beautiful gel colours, glitter and artistry, but we are also skilled at reconstructing damaged and deformed nails on both hands and feet - something many nail technicians shy away from, but we are always keen to transform an unsightly digit into a normal looking ... More

Smokey eyes make-up tutorial

Colours used: Ivory tower, Gingernut, Double denim, Golden lilac Mineral eye shadow powders by lily lolo. £7.99 each at cherish More