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The ultimate bling?!

But when one of our girls spotted Glitter Pills, we unanimously pooh-poohed the idea. Glitter pills are now available – pop a pill full of twinkly goodness and keep watch for a sparkling result – surely the ultimate in bling for anyone obsessed with a bit of glitz. It seems anything goes in the world of beauty – although we ... More

Why mineral make up?

Made from pure crushed minerals and containing no harsh chemicals, dyes or fillers, mineral foundation is not only gentle on the skin but also contains zinc oxides which have healing properties - perfect for those who suffer breakouts or have sensitive skin. The products are free of any parabens, synthetic perfumes or dyes and they ... More

Focus on… Lash lift

A lot of ladies find that even when wearing mascara, their lashes aren't always very visible when looking face to face at someone, as often they can naturally sit quite straight from the eyelid. The idea of the lash lift is to bend the lashes up at the base so that your lashes stand up higher - similar to the effect that a eyelash curling ... More

Eyebrow bling – trend alert?!

Benefit are rumoured to be launching Bling brow bars and home styling kits where you can unleash your diamante craving by applying sparkly crystals to your eye furniture. Not convinced? No neither are we, but Beauty Manager Hayley always likes to keep up with the very latest in fashion so we were delighted to see she was on top of her ... More

‘Brushed up’ brows

This look works best on longer brows giving more texture to the finished result. It’s important to still have HD Brows’ trademark structure with this look to ensure they don’t just look unkempt! HD Brows is a precise 7 step brow design treatment consisting of tinting*, waxing, threading, trimming, tweezing along with the applic... More

If it’s good enough for the Queen then it’s good enough for us!

Essie Weingarten began her company in the USA with 12 nail colours in 1981 and the brand is now popular with nail professionals all the over the globe for it's high quality enamels in a huge range of colours and finishes - there really is something for everyone! One of the best selling colours for Essie is Ballet Slippers, an award ... More