Review for Tan Eraser Mitt

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Review for Tan Eraser Mitt

Is the time of year everyone looks forward to, some well deserved time off work to bask in the delicious warmth of the sun. A good sun tan makes us all look healthier and happier. However, for a few unfortunate people, like myself, no amount of laying in the suns rays will turn our skin that coveted beautiful golden brown and will only lead to days of sore red skin that peels off like a snake to reveal fresh white skin. Sob! So what’s my answer?! Regular spray tans of course! I’m rarely seen without a layer of fake tan this time of year (in fact, any time of year!) but there is a downside to my weekly date with a pair of paper knickers and spray gun, after a few weeks my skin starts to get a patchy build up of tan that no amount of vigorous rubbing with a sugar scrub will shift. This is why I was very excited to test run the new ‘Tan Eraser’ mitt. This mitt is used in the bath or shower and promises to remove all the old tan from the skin so your skin is perfectly prepped ensuring your next spray tan comes out nice and even. I was dubious as I the mitt doesn’t feel particularly abrasive and having tried every body scrub under the sun to no avail.

I hopped in to the bath armed with the pink and black mitt and began rubbing my skin gently. To start with it didn’t seem to make any difference, then all of a sudden I could physically see the tan starting to rub off! It actually worked! Although the instructions state that a little redness of the skin is normal, my skin didn’t go red at all so I was even more impressed that I didn’t emerge looking like a lobster!

This mitt is brilliant! Definitely one of my top 5 products of the year!



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