One stroke nail art

[Lead]We are well known for our fabulous nails, huge range of polish and gel colours and vast array of very sparkly glitters, embellishments, stamps and everything in-between.
Recently, some of the Cherish ladies took a trip up to Northampton on a peaceful Sunday to learn the art of one stroke nail art. It would have been a straight forward journey if the British Grand Prix was not being held at Silverstone the very same day, but the fantastic tuition we received was well worth the 4 hour drive home![/lead]

Ellie has been doing some beautiful one stroke work and has put together a little example of her work below in stages, so you can see how the design is gradually built up. This is all hand painted using a tiny brush – clever stuff! If you would like to sport some fabulous floral masterpieces on your nails then be sure to book an appointment with Ellie asap. Call 01666 504222!


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