Skin Rejuvenation

Advanced clinical treatments are now available at Cherish. We have researched and selected the most effective and proven procedures and our staff have been rigorously trained and certified in each area.


Cryotherapy – From £50
We are the FIRST salon in Gloucestershire to offer Cryotherapy with CryoPen. This treatment is truly remarkable. The CryoPen uses liquified N2O to deliver quick, effective Cryotherapy treatment to all benign skin imperfections including (but not limited to) skin tags, warts, freckles, age spots, milia, fibroma, solar lentigo, cherry angiomas and verrucas.
The Nitrous oxide (N2O) destroys tissue by freezing the inter-cellular fluid and forming ice shards and crystals that rupture the cell membrane, destroying the cell without harming any of the surrounding healthy tissue.

Meso Vytal – 40 minutes – £70
The visible skin damage such as wrinkles, fine lines, dehydration and sagging actually happens below the surface of the skin, this is also where the repair takes place. This fusion of the latest digital skin needling techniques plus the active ingredients that are used are perfect for the face, hands or décolletage.

Most skin treatments use products which sit on the surface of the skin and less than 20% of these products will be absorbed

Meso Vytal substances penetrate directly into the intersection between the epidermis and the dermis. The highly effective ingredients target and repair the cause of visual surface skin problems
Your facial begins with a mild 5% aha peel
Once your skin is prepared the serums are applied and
gently infused into the skin. A caviar infused hydrating mask completes this treatment.

Dermaplaning facial treatment – 45 mins – £40

Dermaplaning is an exciting new facial treatment where the outer layers of the skin are exfoliated using a blade.

Benefits include
Smoother skin – make up goes on super smoothly
Removes soft facial hair (peach fuzz) that traps dirt and oil.
Dermaplaning enhances the effectiveness of other skincare treatments by allowing deeper product penetration.
Reduces recent acne scars
Reduces fine lines
Produces immediate results with no down time
No discomfort


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